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Previously Posted Changes Made to the Administrative Code

780-X-13-.01 Adoption of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices posted on 7/13/2017
780-X-4-.08 Miscellaneous Fees posted on 3/30/2017
780-X-18-.06 AMC Renewal Application posted on 6/02/2016
780-X-17-.04 Registration Renewal posted on 6/02/2016
780-X-1-.17 Repeal, Study of Customary and Reasonable Fee for Appraisals of Alabama Properties posted on 4/15/2016
780-X-17-.18 Proposed Removal of Customary and Reasonable Fee Provision posted on 4/15/2016
780-X-17-.21 Appraiser Independence and Customary and Reasonable Fees posted on 4/15/2016
780-X-4-.02 Application and License Fees posted on 2/12/2016

780-X-12-.01 Expirations and Renewals

posted on 2/12/2016

780-X-12-.02 Continuing Education

posted on 2/12/2016
780-X-16-.02 Checklist posted on 2/12/2016
780-X-16-.04  Application for Reciprocal Appraiser License posted on 2/12/2016
780-X-6-.05  Qualifying Experience Certified General posted on 3/03/15
780-X-12-.01  Inactive Status posted on 3/03/15
780-X-3-.06 Qualifying Education Curricula Approved by the Board for Licensure as a Real Property Appraiser posted on 5/28/14
780-X-9-.01 Classification of Real Estate Appraisers posted on 5/28/14
780-X-8- 01 Eligibility for Examination posted on 5/28/14
780-X-17- 03 Registration posted on 5/28/14
780-X-16- 04 Reciprocal License Applicaton posted on 5/28/14
780-X-1-.17 Study of Customary and Reasonable Fee for Appraisals of Alabama Properties posted on 6/30/15
780-X-17-.09 Appraiser Qualifications posted on 6/30/15
780-X-17-.11 Appraiser Competency posted on 6/30/15
780-X-17-.18 Business Practices posted on 6/30/15
780-X-14-.02  Informal Disciplinary Procedure posted on 8/31/15